Matia Jones Massage Therapy
Return Home to Your Body



What are your wellness goals?  Would you like to reduce tension, stress, and trauma that is held in your body? Are you looking to get support through a cleanse or a detox process? Perhaps you would like to increase mobility or improve posture. Do you have an old or post-surgical injury you would like to heal from? Maybe you just need safe, healing touch and a quiet moment to catch your breath. Whatever your reasons may be, let's collaborate to help you move you closer toward your wellness goals.

My massage work incorporates multiple modalities, drawing most heavily from Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Cranio Sacral, Deep Tissue, and trauma-informed bodywork. Additionally, meditation and somatics provide foundational elements to my practice. Licensed since 2003, I have accumulated many techniques, insights, and tools both in formal educational settings as well as through hands-on experience. (Please see my bio for more details). All of this knowledge and experience is available in each treatment. I do not separate out the different tools or modalities. Instead, I use clients' stated goals and feedback, my manual observations, and intuition to custom tailor each session and treatment plan. However, if you are strongly drawn to a particular modality that I practice, please let me know and I will be happy to highlight that in our session. I love collaborating with clients throughout their healing journey.


A Non-Toxic, Safe, and Clean, Office

In order to provide a deeply relaxing and safe space for everyone who enters my office, I provide a non-toxic, non-judgmental, and clean environment.

My treatment room is free of synthetic fragrances, all linens are laundered in biodegradable hypoallergenic detergent, and all massage oils are certified organic and food grade. To help protect other clients who have chemical sensitivities, please refrain from wearing strong synthetic fragrances or smoking directly before entering the treatment space.

All health and personal information shared during sessions is confidential and adherent to HIPPA standards. People with all gender expressions, religious beliefs, and political persuasions are welcome on my table as long as their actions do not impinge on other clients' or on my wellbeing.

We, the therapists at HEAL, (Healing Energy Arts of Lopez) all do our best to reduce the spread of communicable ailments, including COVID-19. Our office masking policies reflect Washington State Health Department rules. Masks are on hand if clients would like to use them during times they are not required by the state.  RabbitAir HEPA filters are in place to clean the air. We use EPA N-list approved products to clean high touch surfaces. Additionally, all of the therapists are all fully vaccinated. Please help us keep everyone in this space as healthy and safe as possible by following state masking rules and staying home if you are feeling ill or have recently been exposed to Covid.


ADA Accessibility

My office is on the ground floor and has standard sized doorways. There are two steps and a curb to be navigated through the front entrance. However, the back entry way does not involve stairs. To enter the building via this back door, park on Eads Lane and come down the sidewalk that runs between HEAL and Lopez Island Physical Therapy. Please let me know ahead of time that you are coming in this way so that I may meet you and unlock the back door.