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Services And Rates

Investing in massage is investing in your health and wellbeing 

I custom tailor each massage. At the beginning of a session, the client and I discuss their health and wellness goals. From there, I draw from all of my modalities I practice, to best support these. I highly encourage client feedback and collaboration throughout our work together.

Most people choose to book an hour or an hour and a half session. If you have not received bodywork for a long period of time or suspect that your body will have an intense detox response to massage, I recommend starting with either a 60 minute or a gentle 90 minute session. Alternately, if you are accustomed to receiving bodywork and would like to do a deep dive, I do also offer two and three hour sessions. Please contact me to discuss a treatment plan if you are called to a deep dive. If you have mobility challenges that make it impossible for you to come to my office, house calls on Lopez Island are a potential option. An additional $20 fee is added to house calls.


Tips to get the most benefit out of your session

Most importantly, for all bodywork, please remember to thoroughly hydrate before and after your treatment. It is very important that you allow what is worked out of your muscles, fascia, and nervous system to exit your body. Also, it is very helpful to abstain from diuretics such as alcohol and caffeine and to eat cleanly a day or so before and after your massage. This will help your body clear metabolic byproducts and toxins that may be wrung out of your soft tissue during your treatment. Following your bodywork, Epsom salt baths and a gentle day are very supportive ways to allow yourself to fully integrate the work we do together. 


Payment Methods

Checks, cash, Venmo, and PayPal are all accepted at the time of service. Gift certificates are also available and redeemable in the office.


Massage$85 / 60 minutes
Massage$115 / 90 minutes
Massage$170 / 120 minutes