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About The Practitioner

Matia Indigo Jones, MA, LMP


Matia Jones's healing work draws from a large body of knowledge. She graduated from the Port Townsend School of Massage in 2003 and has been adding to her toolbox ever since. She is certified through the Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration as a Sommage practitioner. This modality works with clients’ fascia to heal trauma and align posture. Matia also completed a Somatics and Trauma Advanced Course Training for Politicized Healers to address both individual and social trauma. This was taught through the Generative Somatics: Somatic Transformation and Social Justice organization. Additionally, her bodywork is influenced by Lomilomi, deep tissue, Swedish, Trager, Craniosacral, embodied meditation, and dance.

She also earned an interdisciplinary Bachelor's of Arts from Fairhaven College entitled Wellness. This degree combined pre-med and cross-cultural health care with a focus on social and environmental justice as preventative medicine. She continued on to earn a Master's of Arts from Western Washington University with a focus in medical anthropology and community health through food sovereignty. She has taught courses titled Human Ecology, Internal and External Ecologies (somatic psychology and deep ecology), Biological Anthropology, and Regenerative Agriculture, at Fairhaven College and Western Washington University respectively, and Nutrition and Organic Gardening at Wellspring High School. While studying and teaching, she continued practicing therapeutic massage and working to improve sustainable food access and nutrition in her communities. 

All of Matia's academic and professional pursuits pivot around deep health and healing, with the understanding that individual, community, and global wellbeing are inextricably interconnected. We are all part of a greater whole. As we heal ourselves and each other, so too do we contribute to the health and wellbeing of our communities and the planet we all call home. 

When not encouraging bodies to heal in her office, Matia spends her time growing, foraging, cooking, and sharing nourishing food, writing for the Center For Healing Neurology, meditating, playing in nature, hosting free open floor dance and embodiment practice, and seeing and making beauty. Some of her artwork can be found at